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CPL Software is THE supplier of property factoring software in Scotland.

About Us

brian welsh cpl software directorCPL Software’s experience in the Property Management industry provides us a clear vision of how Property Management companies operate and how to provide efficiency and time saving functions. By providing advanced and innovative software and technologies to the Property Management industry, CPL Software has helped progress the industry into the new technological era.

CPL was formed in 2010 by Brian Welsh who has over 20 years’ experience in property software. After designing the initial product set he acquired the products through a management buyout from his previous employers. CPL has grown to be the defacto standard supplier to the property factoring industry in Scotland. 80% of the properties managed by the private sector in Scotland now rely on RPM to manage their back office systems. CPL Software’s clients range from small businesses to multi-million pound organisations who benefit from increased efficiencies gained from the time and cost saving functions within the software portfolio.

CPL strives to be at the forefront of new technology, where we can use technology to serve the best interests of our clients. CPL now boast a number of portals and mobile apps that allow their clients to interface electronically with their clients.

What Our Clients say

  • "For Ross & Liddell the software solution wasn’t all about savings. We had to have something in place that had longevity. It had to be able to cope with both our day to day requirements and our plans to expand, whilst also accommodating any changes in the the market place and the way we work. CPL’s software offered all this and more. Brian and the team have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in what is a very specific industry. The standard of the service and the technical support CPL provide are second to none. Would I recommend CPL software? Absolutely."
    Alec Cassidy, Director, Ross & Liddell
  • "Brian has a real grasp of the property management market, this is a rarity in the software solutions industry. Having used this software for nearly 20 years I would of course recommend CPL software solutions to others."
    Lorraine MacDonald, Partner, Speirs Gumley
  • "It’s really important to us that we offer the best possible customer service at all times and introduce new ways of working that make life easier for our clients. Brian and the team at CPL Software are always keen to work on innovative projects and share creative ideas that help us to make our business better. I really value the way we work in partnership. I can’t think of any other business which has the capability to understand or match the products and service that CPL have delivered over the years."
    David Reid, MD, Life Property Management
  • "I would have no reservations with recommending CPL to both established property management companies and all new entrants into the marketplace. Our industry does not work as well without CPL."
    Timothy Lovat, Partner, Edzell Property Management
  • "CPL worked with us to understand our business requirements and helped to cater the software package, training and support delivered to match this."
    Chris Lyon, Factoring Services Team Leader, Dunedin Canmore Property Management

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